This is the Football in Cider (FiC) Girl creating your Top Tips
A professional American Football player about to score a touchdown

Starting BalanceSum of BetsSum of WinningsProfitReturn
$10.00$50.00$70.10$20.1040.20 %

Steelers 40 Titans 17$30.10$10$13.20$3.2017-11-2017
Broncos 16 Patriots 41$26.90$10$0.00($10.00)13-11-2017
49ers 31 Giants 21$36.90$10$22.30$12.3012-11-2017
Buccaneers 15 Jets 10$24.60$10$22.50$12.5012-11-2017
Colts 17 Steelers 20$12.10$10$12.10$2.1012-11-2017
Starting Balance$10.00$0$0.00$0.0012-11-2017

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