Part 4: How Good are Pinnacles Odds Compared to the Other Bookmakers (Week 3)?

(Part 4 of our Pinnacle Blog - See Part 1 here: Pinnacle Bookmakers Blog - Introduction)


Quick Update in Pinnacle's Odds

It's another fantastic EPL weekend with plenty of amazing action! At time of writing Chelsea are all over Arsenal but the scores remain nil nil. Enough you say! What about Pinnacle's odds? What have you found FiC? Well more than half of this weeks bets were placed with Pinnacle becuase they offered superior odds. The other bets went to Bet365 and 1xBet. 

Wellbeck just missed a sitter btw!!!

The difference between Pinnacle's odds and the other was small, but every bit counts.

Live Games

Something we are missing at Pinnacle is live game updates. It's not a big thing, but most of the other sites have a tab called "My Bets" and show you the scores of the games you have bet on that are currently in play.

It's not the worst thing in the world, as we generally place bets with mutiple bookies so we use sites such as to track our alamagated bets , however it certainly helps when you log in to Bet365 to see a current score on your in play bets.

That's all for now, it's time to focus on Chelsea Arsenal. We have money on Chelsea and a Draw. 


(Part 4 of our Pinnacle Blog - See Previous Part 1 here: Pinnacle Bookmakers Blog - Introduction)


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