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Arbitrage Opportunities as of 4th September

Wow! We have loads of arbitrage opportunities this week! Including some premiership games!! Check out the full list below or go to This Weeks Arbitrage Sports Games for the latest opportunities.

The Vasco da Gama v Gremio38 game has my attention simply because it has a significant profit margin and the dates are close together. I'm hoping I'm going to be able to find a bookie that hasnt changed their odds yet. The dates are only yesterday after all.

Actually I have found an opportunity at first port of call!!!


Bet365 Odds for Vasco da Gama v Gremio38

arb 1

As we can see in the diagram above Bet365 are currently offering odds of 3.5 for a Vasco da Gama home win. These are great odds!  

Now lets see what Pinnacle has to offer:


Pinnacle Odds for Vasco da Gama v Gremio38

Pinnacle are actually offering better odds for a draw or an away win to Gremio. You can see this in the screenshot below:

arb 2

We will take the away win and draw odds from Pinnacle. What a bargain!


It's a Win Win Scenario!

As you can see between Bet365 and Pinnacle we can get the following odds:

  • Home Win: 3.5
  • Draw: 3.29
  • Away Win: 2.44


Unbiased Arbitrage Strategy

We haven't yet fully discussed biased and unbiasded arbitrage strategy here at FiC yet, but in  a nutshell, a biased strategy is when you prefer one result over another. An unbiased strategy is when you have no idea which result will eventuate,

FiC has been unable to make a prediction for this match so we will use an unbiased strategy as follows:


Odds: 3.5 3.29 2.44
Wager Amounts: $30 $31.91 $43.09
Profit: $0 $0 $0.13


The table above is showing us that no matter whether the actual result is a win, lose or draw, we stand to lose nothing. If the result is an away win we will make 13 cents. Any other result simply returns our money back with no loss or gain.

Now I only wanted to spend $100 (in fact I had to make it $105) and I didnt want to higlight to bet365 that I was using an arbitrage system so I used a rounded stake. If I wanted to make a profit no matter the result I could have changed my home win to just over $30, upped the draw stake slightly and reduced the away amount. We'll do this another time however. 

Risk Free 8% Per Annum 

I've given this a go myself. Worst case scenario, I make no money. Best case: I make $0.13 !! Which may not sound like much, but it is 0.4% overnight with zero risk. If I was to find just one of these a week I would be making over 8% per annum, again with zero risk! Not a small risk. Zero Risk. Roll on arbitrage!!

All of this and I have only looked at one game!! I wonder if the others are as good? :-)


Table Showing the Arbitrage Opportunities as of 4th September  

GameDateArbitrage IndicatorArbitrage Details
Man City v Liverpool (Premier League) 9 Sep 12:30 0.9902
Odds: 1.91 (28 Aug) 3.75 (22 Aug) 5 (22 Aug)
Wager Amounts: $52.87 $26.93 $20.20
Profit: $0.99 $0.99 $0.99
Everton v Tottenham (Premier League) 9 Sep 15:00 0.9983
Odds: 3.6 (28 Aug) 3.5 (26 Aug) 2.3 (22 Aug)
Wager Amounts: $27.83 $28.62 $43.55
Profit: $0.17 $0.17 $0.17
Vasco da Gama v Gremio38 (Brazilian Serie A) 9 Sep 22:00 0.9874
Odds: 3.10 (4 Sep) 3.25 (1 Sep) 2.8 (2 Sep)
Wager Amounts: $32.67 $31.16 $36.17
Profit: $1.27 $1.27 $1.27
Sao Paulo v Ponte Preta (Brazilian Serie A) 9 Sep 23:00 0.9949
Odds: 1.83 (1 Sep) 3.75 (2 Sep) 5.5 (2 Sep)
Wager Amounts: $54.92 $26.80 $18.27
Profit: $0.51 $0.51 $0.51
Verona v Fiorentina (Serie A) 10 Sep 14:00 0.9762
Odds: 4.5 (24 Aug) 3.6 (24 Aug) 2.1 (29 Aug)
Wager Amounts: $22.76 $28.46 $48.78
Profit: $2.44 $2.44 $2.44
Swansea v Newcastle (Premier League) 10 Sep 16:00 0.9938
Odds: 2.37 (30 Aug) 3.6 (22 Aug) 3.4 (22 Aug)
Wager Amounts: $42.46 $27.95 $29.59
Profit: $0.62 $0.62 $0.62
Sport Recife v Avai (Brazilian Serie A) 10 Sep 20:00 0.9821
Odds: 1.67 (1 Sep) 4.00 (4 Sep) 7.5 (2 Sep)
Wager Amounts: $60.97 $25.45 $13.58
Profit: $1.82 $1.82 $1.82


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