FA Cup Predictions

The FA Cup weekend represents a new and different type of game for Football in Cider to master. A potentially difficult challenge is that teams from different leagues play one another. We ourselves were keen to observe how the predictions would perform especially for one game in particular: An in form league 1 team versus an out of form premier team.


football in Cider make profit again


We are of course talking about this weeks onlyTop Tip FA Cup match: Millwall vs Bournemouth. 

Suprisingly, Millwall were tipped to win. Before the game this appeared as an anomaly, and with only one FA Cup game making the Top Tips, it could easily be argued to be one. 

As the results flowed in, it soon became apparent that this tip was spot on! Wow!!!! Who else got this correct? Not too many pundits we suspect.

At odds of 4.2 it was this weeks best return and helped the Top Tips maintain profitability at a welcome 2%.


Millwall Bournemouth


European Games

In contracts to the outrageously busy Christmas fixture list for Englidh teams the majority of the European Leagues had a well deserved siesta. However with the new year gaining pace many teams were back in action. Eibar hosted Atletico Madrid and again Football in Cider suprised many by tipping Eibar. With odds of over 5 it was clearly an optimistic prediction and in Contract to the Milwall game proved to be somewhat off the mark. It looks like Atletico fortunes are changing and we look forward to predictions reflecting their promising chnage of form.


League 1

Back at home, in league 1, Bristol Rovers hosted Northamption in what appeared to be an unpredictable game. Football in Cider selcted it has a Top Tip at 1.9 and it becames only the second correct prediction for the week. The game itself was easily decided by 5 unanswered goals to Bristol. These are the games Football in Cider thrives on.


Football in Cider Remains Profit Making  

One can argue that only getting 2 games correct in 6 is equal to that of a Monkey. That is, it is, if predictions are made completelty randomly then 1 in 3 would be correct. However this simplified perspective is wrong for many reasons. The main point to highlight here, however is that Football in Cider Top Tips are selected becuase they have favourable odds versus the probablity with a purpose of making money rather than getting every prediction correct. With a 2% profit this objective was achieved. Just.


 FA Cup 2 percent Profit