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football tips and predictions
football tips and predictions

This table shows a record of all our previous free football predictions and how much money we won or lost on each bet. We assume a $10 stake is placed on each football tip. We have rounded each football bet to the nearest dollar. The mobile version just shows the running balance.

Previous Swedish Superettan predictions for the month of May 2021

Jonkopings 1 Trelleborgs 1?3/5/21$0$121
Akropolis 1 Sundsvall 1?1/5/21$0$121
Norrby 1 Landskrona 1?1/5/21$0$121
Starting Balance1/5/21$121

Previous Swedish Superettan predictions for the month of May 2021

Jonkopings 1 Trelleborgs 1 $121
Akropolis 1 Sundsvall 1 $121
Norrby 1 Landskrona 1 $121

PeriodStarting BalanceEnding BalanceNet ProfitROIDetails
August 2022$46.00$15.50-$30.50-66.30%View
July 2022$58.70$46.00-$12.70-21.64%View
June 2022$68.70$58.70-$10.00-14.56%View
May 2022$36.40$68.70$32.3088.74%View
April 2022$36.40$36.40$0.000.00%View
November 2021$52.40$36.40-$16.00-30.53%View
October 2021$108.10$52.40-$55.70-51.53%View
September 2021$106.60$108.10$1.501.41%View
August 2021$121.70$106.60-$15.10-12.41%View
July 2021$121.70$121.70$0.000.00%View
June 2021$121.70$121.70$0.000.00%View
May 2021$121.70$121.70$0.000.00%Current Results
April 2021$121.70$121.70$0.000.00%View
April 2019$121.70$121.70$0.000.00%View
March 2019$121.70$121.70$0.000.00%View
November 2018$169.30$121.70-$47.60-28.12%View
October 2018$181.70$169.30-$12.40-6.82%View
September 2018$225.80$181.70-$44.10-19.53%View
August 2018$260.70$225.80-$34.90-13.39%View
July 2018$270.70$260.70-$10.00-3.69%View
June 2018$306.70$270.70-$36.00-11.74%View
May 2018$346.90$306.70-$40.20-11.59%View
April 2018$339.20$346.90$7.702.27%View
September 2017$257.10$339.20$82.1031.93%View
August 2017$302.20$257.10-$45.10-14.92%View
July 2017$336.30$302.20-$34.10-10.14%View
June 2017$286.40$336.30$49.9017.42%View
All Time$286.40$15.50-$270.90-94.59%View

This table lists our past predictions and shows a performance record of every free football predictions for Swedish Superettan. You can view a 7 day record or a complete list of every free prediction and tip ever made. We keep a record of every prediction, for ever, so you can see how good, or how bad, we have been.