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Football Top Tips Predictions Profit Since Inception -$195.78

PeriodStarting BalanceEnding BalanceNet ProfitROI
Football Top Tips ROI$305.98$110.20-$195.78-63.98%
Football Top Tips ROI: -63.98%

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Top 12 Most Profitable Football Leagues In The Last 7 Days

CompetitionStarting BalanceEnding BalanceNet ProfitROI
Scottish Division 2$10.00$24.50$14.50145.00%
Scottish Division 2 145.00%
League 1$23.30$45.40$22.1094.85%
League 1 94.85%
Eng South Conf$24.00$26.30$2.309.58%
Eng South Conf 9.58%
Football Good Tips$20.00$21.00$1.005.00%
Football Good Tips 5.00%
National League$50.00$44.30-$5.70-11.40%
National League -11.40%
Football Top Tips$30.00$19.10-$10.90-36.33%
Football Top Tips -36.33%
Scottish Division 1$30.00$19.10-$10.90-36.33%
Scottish Division 1 -36.33%
Scottish Championship$17.00$10.00-$7.00-41.18%
Scottish Championship -41.18%
League 2$18.10$10.00-$8.10-44.75%
League 2 -44.75%
Football Coming Up Tips$25.00$10.00-$15.00-60.00%
Football Coming Up Tips -60.00%
Brazilian Serie A$45.00$10.00-$35.00-77.78%
Brazilian Serie A -77.78%
General Football Tips$117.40$24.60-$92.80-79.05%
General Football Tips -79.05%
Eng North Conf$75.00$10.00-$65.00-86.67%
Eng North Conf -86.67%

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