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Starting BalanceSum of BetsSum of WinningsCash on HandNet ProfitNet Return
$35.00$40.00$15.00$10.00($25.00)-71.43 %
Starting Balance: $35.00Sum of Bets: $40.00Sum of Winnings: $15.00Cash on Hand: $10.00Net Profit: ($25.00)Net Return: -71.43 %

 Southport 2 v Leamington 013-1-2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: ($10.00)Running Balance: $10.00
 Southport 2 v Leamington 0$10.00$10$0.00($10.00)13-1-2018
 Salford 3 v Telford 013-1-2018Stake: $10Winnings: $15.00Profit: $5.00Running Balance: $20.00
 Salford 3 v Telford 0$20.00$10$15.00$5.0013-1-2018
 Gainsborough 0 v Nuneaton 113-1-2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: ($10.00)Running Balance: $15.00
 Gainsborough 0 v Nuneaton 1$15.00$10$0.00($10.00)13-1-2018
 Alfreton 1 v Darlington 113-1-2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: ($10.00)Running Balance: $25.00
 Alfreton 1 v Darlington 1$25.00$10$0.00($10.00)13-1-2018
Starting Balance$35.00$0$0.00$0.0013-1-2018