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Week's Winnings Total Winnings
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PeriodStarting BalanceEnding BalanceNet ProfitROIDetails
November 2018$86.70$10.00-$76.70-88.47%
November 2018Start Balance: $86.70End Balance: $10.00Net Profit: -$76.70ROI: -88.47%
October 2018$249.80$86.70-$163.10-65.29%
October 2018Start Balance: $249.80End Balance: $86.70Net Profit: -$163.10ROI: -65.29%
September 2018$334.00$249.80-$84.20-25.21%
September 2018Start Balance: $334.00End Balance: $249.80Net Profit: -$84.20ROI: -25.21%
August 2018$331.70$334.00$2.300.69%
August 2018Start Balance: $331.70End Balance: $334.00Net Profit: $2.30ROI: 0.69%
May 2018$333.10$331.70-$1.40-0.42%
May 2018Start Balance: $333.10End Balance: $331.70Net Profit: -$1.40ROI: -0.42%
April 2018$348.50$333.10-$15.40-4.42%
April 2018Start Balance: $348.50End Balance: $333.10Net Profit: -$15.40ROI: -4.42%
March 2018$238.80$348.50$109.7045.94%
March 2018Start Balance: $238.80End Balance: $348.50Net Profit: $109.70ROI: 45.94%
February 2018$204.60$238.80$34.2016.72%
February 2018Start Balance: $204.60End Balance: $238.80Net Profit: $34.20ROI: 16.72%
January 2018$95.00$204.60$109.60115.37%
January 2018Start Balance: $95.00End Balance: $204.60Net Profit: $109.60ROI: 115.37%
December 2017$226.50$95.00-$131.50-58.06%
December 2017Start Balance: $226.50End Balance: $95.00Net Profit: -$131.50ROI: -58.06%
November 2017$267.30$226.50-$40.80-15.26%
November 2017Start Balance: $267.30End Balance: $226.50Net Profit: -$40.80ROI: -15.26%
October 2017$354.60$267.30-$87.30-24.62%
October 2017Start Balance: $354.60End Balance: $267.30Net Profit: -$87.30ROI: -24.62%
September 2017$415.90$354.60-$61.30-14.74%
September 2017Start Balance: $415.90End Balance: $354.60Net Profit: -$61.30ROI: -14.74%
August 2017$628.30$415.90-$212.40-33.81%
August 2017Start Balance: $628.30End Balance: $415.90Net Profit: -$212.40ROI: -33.81%
May 2017$679.20$628.30-$50.90-7.49%
May 2017Start Balance: $679.20End Balance: $628.30Net Profit: -$50.90ROI: -7.49%
April 2017$566.01$679.20$113.1920.00%
April 2017Start Balance: $566.01End Balance: $679.20Net Profit: $113.19ROI: 20.00%
March 2017$446.11$566.01$119.9026.88%
March 2017Start Balance: $446.11End Balance: $566.01Net Profit: $119.90ROI: 26.88%
February 2017$343.21$446.11$102.9029.98%
February 2017Start Balance: $343.21End Balance: $446.11Net Profit: $102.90ROI: 29.98%
January 2017$414.51$343.21-$71.30-17.20%
January 2017Start Balance: $414.51End Balance: $343.21Net Profit: -$71.30ROI: -17.20%
All Time$414.51$10.00-$404.51-97.59%
All TimeStart Balance: $414.51End Balance: $10.00Net Profit: -$404.51ROI: -97.59%

Results of our free Premier League predictions for the month of November 2018

 Man City 3 v Man Utd 111/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $15.30Profit: $5.30Running Balance: $10.00
 Man City 3 v Man Utd 1$10.00$10$15.30$5.3011/11/2018
 Arsenal 1 v Wolves 111/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $4.70
 Arsenal 1 v Wolves 1$4.70$10$0.00-$10.0011/11/2018
 Chelsea 0 v Everton 011/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $14.70
 Chelsea 0 v Everton 0$14.70$10$0.00-$10.0011/11/2018
 Liverpool 2 v Fulham 011/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $11.00Profit: $1.00Running Balance: $24.70
 Liverpool 2 v Fulham 0$24.70$10$11.00$1.0011/11/2018
 Palace 0 v Tottenham 110/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $18.00Profit: $8.00Running Balance: $23.70
 Palace 0 v Tottenham 1$23.70$10$18.00$8.0010/11/2018
 Southampton 1 v Watford 110/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $33.00Profit: $23.00Running Balance: $15.70
 Southampton 1 v Watford 1$15.70$10$33.00$23.0010/11/2018
 Huddersfield 1 v West Ham 110/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: -$7.30
 Huddersfield 1 v West Ham 1-$7.30$10$0.00-$10.0010/11/2018
 Leicester 0 v Burnley 010/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $2.70
 Leicester 0 v Burnley 0$2.70$10$0.00-$10.0010/11/2018
 Newcastle 2 v Bournemouth 110/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $12.70
 Newcastle 2 v Bournemouth 1$12.70$10$0.00-$10.0010/11/2018
 Cardiff 2 v Brighton 110/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $22.70
 Cardiff 2 v Brighton 1$22.70$10$0.00-$10.0010/11/2018
 Huddersfield 1 v Fulham 05/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $32.70
 Huddersfield 1 v Fulham 0$32.70$10$0.00-$10.005/11/2018
 Chelsea 3 v Palace 14/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $42.70
 Chelsea 3 v Palace 1$42.70$10$0.00-$10.004/11/2018
 Man City 6 v Southampton 14/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $52.70
 Man City 6 v Southampton 1$52.70$10$0.00-$10.004/11/2018
 Wolves 2 v Tottenham 33/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $22.00Profit: $12.00Running Balance: $62.70
 Wolves 2 v Tottenham 3$62.70$10$22.00$12.003/11/2018
 Arsenal 1 v Liverpool 13/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $50.70
 Arsenal 1 v Liverpool 1$50.70$10$0.00-$10.003/11/2018
 Cardiff 0 v Leicester 13/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $24.00Profit: $14.00Running Balance: $60.70
 Cardiff 0 v Leicester 1$60.70$10$24.00$14.003/11/2018
 West Ham 4 v Burnley 23/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $46.70
 West Ham 4 v Burnley 2$46.70$10$0.00-$10.003/11/2018
 Newcastle 1 v Watford 03/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $56.70
 Newcastle 1 v Watford 0$56.70$10$0.00-$10.003/11/2018
 Everton 3 v Brighton 13/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $66.70
 Everton 3 v Brighton 1$66.70$10$0.00-$10.003/11/2018
 Bournemouth 1 v Man Utd 23/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $76.70
 Bournemouth 1 v Man Utd 2$76.70$10$0.00-$10.003/11/2018
Starting Balance$86.70$0$0.00$0.003/11/2018

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