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football tips and predictions
football tips and predictions

This table shows a record of all our previous free football predictions and how much money we won or lost on each bet. We assume a $10 stake is placed on each football tip. We have rounded each football bet to the nearest dollar. The mobile version just shows the running balance.

Previous La Liga predictions

Mallorca 0 Barcelona 1?1/10/22$0$56
Sevilla 0 A Madrid 2A1/10/22$16$56
Getafe 2 Valladolid 3A1/10/22$30$40
Cadiz 0 Villarreal 0A1/10/22-$10$10
Bilbao 4 Almeria 0H30/9/22$5$20
Starting Balance30/9/22$14

Previous La Liga predictions

Mallorca 0 Barcelona 1 $56
Sevilla 0 A Madrid 2 $56
Getafe 2 Valladolid 3 $40
Cadiz 0 Villarreal 0 $10
Bilbao 4 Almeria 0 $20

PeriodStarting BalanceEnding BalanceNet ProfitROI
La Liga$14.70$56.40$41.70283.67%
Net Profit
La Liga: 283.67%

This table lists our past predictions and shows a performance record of every free football predictions for La Liga. You can view a 7 day record or a complete list of every free prediction and tip ever made. We keep a record of every prediction, for ever, so you can see how good, or how bad, we have been.