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Week's Winnings Total Winnings
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PeriodStarting BalanceEnding BalanceNet ProfitROIDetails
November 2018$141.60$44.20-$97.40-68.79%
November 2018Start Balance: $141.60End Balance: $44.20Net Profit: -$97.40ROI: -68.79%
October 2018$265.20$141.60-$123.60-46.61%
October 2018Start Balance: $265.20End Balance: $141.60Net Profit: -$123.60ROI: -46.61%
September 2018$230.20$265.20$35.0015.20%
September 2018Start Balance: $230.20End Balance: $265.20Net Profit: $35.00ROI: 15.20%
August 2018$309.30$230.20-$79.10-25.57%
August 2018Start Balance: $309.30End Balance: $230.20Net Profit: -$79.10ROI: -25.57%
July 2018$285.60$309.30$23.708.30%
July 2018Start Balance: $285.60End Balance: $309.30Net Profit: $23.70ROI: 8.30%
June 2018$290.30$285.60-$4.70-1.62%
June 2018Start Balance: $290.30End Balance: $285.60Net Profit: -$4.70ROI: -1.62%
May 2018$278.40$290.30$11.904.27%
May 2018Start Balance: $278.40End Balance: $290.30Net Profit: $11.90ROI: 4.27%
April 2018$338.40$278.40-$60.00-17.73%
April 2018Start Balance: $338.40End Balance: $278.40Net Profit: -$60.00ROI: -17.73%
November 2017$337.50$338.40$0.900.27%
November 2017Start Balance: $337.50End Balance: $338.40Net Profit: $0.90ROI: 0.27%
October 2017$593.00$337.50-$255.50-43.09%
October 2017Start Balance: $593.00End Balance: $337.50Net Profit: -$255.50ROI: -43.09%
September 2017$828.70$593.00-$235.70-28.44%
September 2017Start Balance: $828.70End Balance: $593.00Net Profit: -$235.70ROI: -28.44%
August 2017$830.50$828.70-$1.80-0.22%
August 2017Start Balance: $830.50End Balance: $828.70Net Profit: -$1.80ROI: -0.22%
July 2017$992.50$830.50-$162.00-16.32%
July 2017Start Balance: $992.50End Balance: $830.50Net Profit: -$162.00ROI: -16.32%
June 2017$987.40$992.50$5.100.52%
June 2017Start Balance: $987.40End Balance: $992.50Net Profit: $5.10ROI: 0.52%
May 2017$997.40$987.40-$10.00-1.00%
May 2017Start Balance: $997.40End Balance: $987.40Net Profit: -$10.00ROI: -1.00%
All Time$997.40$44.20-$953.20-95.57%
All TimeStart Balance: $997.40End Balance: $44.20Net Profit: -$953.20ROI: -95.57%

Results of our free Brazilian Serie A predictions for the month of November 2018

 EC Vitoria 1 v Paranaense 217/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $44.20
 EC Vitoria 1 v Paranaense 2$44.20$10$0.00-$10.0017/11/2018
 Corinthians 1 v Vasco da Gama 017/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $54.20
 Corinthians 1 v Vasco da Gama 0$54.20$10$0.00-$10.0017/11/2018
 Internacional 2 v America MG 015/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $13.60Profit: $3.60Running Balance: $64.20
 Internacional 2 v America MG 0$64.20$10$13.60$3.6015/11/2018
 Sao Paulo 1 v Gremio38 115/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $30.00Profit: $20.00Running Balance: $60.60
 Sao Paulo 1 v Gremio38 1$60.60$10$30.00$20.0015/11/2018
 Chapecoense 0 v Botafogo 115/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $32.50Profit: $22.50Running Balance: $40.60
 Chapecoense 0 v Botafogo 1$40.60$10$32.50$22.5015/11/2018
 Flamengo 1 v Santos 015/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $17.20Profit: $7.20Running Balance: $18.10
 Flamengo 1 v Santos 0$18.10$10$17.20$7.2015/11/2018
 Cruzeiro 1 v Corinthians 014/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $17.30Profit: $7.30Running Balance: $10.90
 Cruzeiro 1 v Corinthians 0$10.90$10$17.30$7.3014/11/2018
 Palmeiras 3 v Fluminense 014/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $13.60Profit: $3.60Running Balance: $3.60
 Palmeiras 3 v Fluminense 0$3.60$10$13.60$3.6014/11/2018
 Sport Recife 0 v EC Vitoria 014/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $0.00
 Sport Recife 0 v EC Vitoria 0$0.00$10$0.00-$10.0014/11/2018
 Parana Clube 0 v Atletico Mineiro 114/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $10.00
 Parana Clube 0 v Atletico Mineiro 1$10.00$10$0.00-$10.0014/11/2018
 Bahia 2 v Ceara 114/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $20.00
 Bahia 2 v Ceara 1$20.00$10$0.00-$10.0014/11/2018
 Vasco da Gama 1 v Paranaense 114/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $30.00
 Vasco da Gama 1 v Paranaense 1$30.00$10$0.00-$10.0014/11/2018
 Santos 0 v Chapecoense 112/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $40.00
 Santos 0 v Chapecoense 1$40.00$10$0.00-$10.0012/11/2018
 Fluminense 0 v Sport Recife 011/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $50.00
 Fluminense 0 v Sport Recife 0$50.00$10$0.00-$10.0011/11/2018
 Gremio38 2 v Vasco da Gama 111/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $14.50Profit: $4.50Running Balance: $60.00
 Gremio38 2 v Vasco da Gama 1$60.00$10$14.50$4.5011/11/2018
 EC Vitoria 2 v Bahia 211/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $55.50
 EC Vitoria 2 v Bahia 2$55.50$10$0.00-$10.0011/11/2018
 Ceara 1 v Internacional 111/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $65.50
 Ceara 1 v Internacional 1$65.50$10$0.00-$10.0011/11/2018
 Atletico Mineiro 1 v Palmeiras 111/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $75.50
 Atletico Mineiro 1 v Palmeiras 1$75.50$10$0.00-$10.0011/11/2018
 Paranaense 2 v Cruzeiro 010/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $20.00Profit: $10.00Running Balance: $85.50
 Paranaense 2 v Cruzeiro 0$85.50$10$20.00$10.0010/11/2018
 Botafogo 2 v Flamengo 110/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $75.50
 Botafogo 2 v Flamengo 1$75.50$10$0.00-$10.0010/11/2018
 Corinthians 1 v Sao Paulo 110/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $85.50
 Corinthians 1 v Sao Paulo 1$85.50$10$0.00-$10.0010/11/2018
 America MG 0 v Parana Clube 110/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $95.50
 America MG 0 v Parana Clube 1$95.50$10$0.00-$10.0010/11/2018
 Sport Recife 1 v Ceara 05/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $105.50
 Sport Recife 1 v Ceara 0$105.50$10$0.00-$10.005/11/2018
 Internacional 2 v Paranaense 14/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $16.70Profit: $6.70Running Balance: $115.50
 Internacional 2 v Paranaense 1$115.50$10$16.70$6.704/11/2018
 Bahia 1 v Chapecoense 04/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $108.80
 Bahia 1 v Chapecoense 0$108.80$10$0.00-$10.004/11/2018
 Sao Paulo 2 v Flamengo 24/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $30.00Profit: $20.00Running Balance: $118.80
 Sao Paulo 2 v Flamengo 2$118.80$10$30.00$20.004/11/2018
 Parana Clube 1 v EC Vitoria 14/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $98.80
 Parana Clube 1 v EC Vitoria 1$98.80$10$0.00-$10.004/11/2018
 America MG 1 v Cruzeiro 24/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $108.80
 America MG 1 v Cruzeiro 2$108.80$10$0.00-$10.004/11/2018
 Botafogo 1 v Corinthians 04/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $118.80
 Botafogo 1 v Corinthians 0$118.80$10$0.00-$10.004/11/2018
 Palmeiras 3 v Santos 23/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $17.20Profit: $7.20Running Balance: $128.80
 Palmeiras 3 v Santos 2$128.80$10$17.20$7.203/11/2018
 Atletico Mineiro 0 v Gremio38 13/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $121.60
 Atletico Mineiro 0 v Gremio38 1$121.60$10$0.00-$10.003/11/2018
 Fluminense 0 v Vasco da Gama 13/11/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $131.60
 Fluminense 0 v Vasco da Gama 1$131.60$10$0.00-$10.003/11/2018
Starting Balance$141.60$0$0.00$0.003/11/2018

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