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Top Most Profitable Football Leagues in the World

Have you ever wondered which is the best football league to bet on? If so, we have the definitive answer. Below are 4 tables that show how much profit, or loss, has been made by betting on over 50 different football leagues from around the world.


Top 28 Most Profitable Football Leagues In The Last 7 Days

CompetitionStarting BalanceEnding BalanceNet ProfitROI
La Liga 2$10.00$55.50$45.50455.00%
La Liga 2 455.00%
A League$10.00$38.00$28.00280.00%
A League 280.00%
La Liga$10.00$29.00$19.00190.00%
La Liga 190.00%
Football Coming Up Tips$10.00$26.10$16.10161.00%
Football Coming Up Tips 161.00%
League 2$20.00$49.50$29.50147.50%
League 2 147.50%
Scot Prem$10.00$19.40$9.4094.00%
Scot Prem 94.00%
Belgium First Division$20.00$38.80$18.8094.00%
Belgium First Division 94.00%
League 1$20.00$35.70$15.7078.50%
League 1 78.50%
Bundesliga 70.00%
Dutch Eredivisie$10.00$16.00$6.0060.00%
Dutch Eredivisie 60.00%
Portuguese Primeira Liga$30.00$40.50$10.5035.00%
Portuguese Primeira Liga 35.00%
Football Top Tips$19.40$25.30$5.9030.41%
Football Top Tips 30.41%
Eng North Conf$28.00$30.00$2.007.14%
Eng North Conf 7.14%
FA Cup$10.00$10.00$0.000.00%
FA Cup 0.00%
Welsh Premier League$10.00$10.00$0.000.00%
Welsh Premier League 0.00%
Scottish Championship$10.00$10.00$0.000.00%
Scottish Championship 0.00%
Ligue 1$10.00$10.00$0.000.00%
Ligue 1 0.00%
Turkish Super Lig$10.30$10.00-$0.30-2.91%
Turkish Super Lig -2.91%
Ligue 2$10.50$10.00-$0.50-4.76%
Ligue 2 -4.76%
General Football Tips$155.30$86.40-$68.90-44.37%
General Football Tips -44.37%
National League$50.00$25.50-$24.50-49.00%
National League -49.00%
Football Good Tips$20.00$10.00-$10.00-50.00%
Football Good Tips -50.00%
Scottish Division 2$20.00$10.00-$10.00-50.00%
Scottish Division 2 -50.00%
Serie B$60.00$29.50-$30.50-50.83%
Serie B -50.83%
Eng South Conf$50.00$18.30-$31.70-63.40%
Eng South Conf -63.40%
Serie A$36.10$12.50-$23.60-65.37%
Serie A -65.37%
Dutch Eerste$30.70$10.00-$20.70-67.43%
Dutch Eerste -67.43%
Championship -71.99%
Premier League$108.60$15.80-$92.80-85.45%
Premier League -85.45%


The reports are calculated assuming a $10 bet has been placed on every prediction made by Football in Cider. If the prediction was correct then the winnings are calculated using the odds and added to the profits. If the predictions was incorrect then the $10 stake is deducted from the profits. The Profits are then compared to the original stake to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI). ROI is a common term used to show the ratio between the profit and cost of an investment.

We have split the tables in to 4 based on different time frames: Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Annually and All Time. This allows you to see long term, as well as short term, trends. So if you want to know which league has made the most money in the last few weeks, go to the Monthly Report, or if you'd prefer to know which football competition offers the most sustainable long term profits, then go to the bi-annual or the all-time report.

These reports are updated twice a day, every day.

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