This is the Football in Cider (FiC) Girl creating your Top Tips
A professional basketball player about to score 3 points

Starting BalanceSum of BetsSum of WinningsProfitReturn
$23.80$50.00$47.80($2.20)-4.40 %

Pelicans 114 Thunder 107$21.60$10$21.60$11.6021-11-2017
Grizzlies 92 Trail Blazers 100$10.00$10$0.00($10.00)21-11-2017
Mavericks 102 Celtics 110$20.00$10$13.70$3.7021-11-2017
Spurs 96 Hawks 85$16.30$10$12.50$2.5021-11-2017
Suns 113 Bulls 105$13.80$10$0.00($10.00)20-11-2017
Starting Balance$23.80$0$0.00$0.0020-11-2017

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