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Leagues Ranked By Top Tip Profit From Top Tips In All Competitions

This list shows leagues ranked in order of profit, or loss, per game. See footer for further details.
Produced on Sunday, 18 February 2018
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    Nuggets 126 Cavaliers 113$24.50Team1WinTeam1Win23/3/20172.45$1.78
    Pistons 114 Hornets 108$14.90Team1WinTeam1Win24/2/20171.49$1.16
    Wizards 114 Hawks 107$14.80Team1WinTeam1Win16/4/20171.48$1.14
    Wizards 109 Hawks 101$14.50Team1WinTeam1Win19/4/20171.45$1.13
    Celtics 109 Pacers 100$12.80Team1WinTeam1Win22/3/20171.28$1.17
    Bucks 94 Bulls 109$0.00Team1WinTeam2Win26/3/20171.37$1.12

Report Details

  • Stats created assuming $10 bet placed on every tip
  • The first figure on each line is the average winnings for all bets on the team

Different Dates For Different Leagues in 2017

  • National Basketball Association includes games played after Thursday, 1 September 2016 and before Sunday, 30 April 2017