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Current Arbitrage Fixtures

Arbitrage opportunities are when odds can be found for games, where regardless of the result, you can make money. An easy example would be a game where the odds for win, lose & draw were all greater than 3. If you placed a dollar on each result, totalling and covering all your bases, then you would always get more than your original 3 bucks back whatever the outcome.

The example above is very simplistic and rarely eventuates. However, because we can now search the Internet for a variety of odds we can use computers to track more complex arbitrage games where different bookmakers offer a variety of odds. The table below shows all possible arbitrage games happening in the next few days. Have fun!

GameDateArbitrage IndicatorArbitrage Details
Central Coast v Newcastle J (A League)28 Mar 6:000.9957
Odds:3.75 (21 Mar)3.7 (21 Mar)2.18 (19 Mar)
Wager Amounts:$26.78$27.15$46.07

This table list the current unbiased arbitrage opportunities coming up in the next week. It is updated daily.


  • Total wager for each game is $100
  • Odds quoted are conservative. Better odds can be found!
  • Odds may not have been available at the same times
  • Odds may no longer be available
  • Odds are sourced from a variety of bookmakers
  • Arbitrage indicator is the sum of the inverses odds. If this value is less than 1 then you can make money regardless of the result