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Produced on Tuesday, January 16, 2018
  • Bets

    $240.00$291.80$51.8021.58 %


    Essendon 110 Geelong 93$34.30Team1WinTeam1Win13-5-20173.43$2.74
    Essendon 81 P Adelaide 29$32.00Team1WinTeam1Win10-6-20173.2$2.80
    Richmond 64 Giants 45$24.00Team1WinTeam1Win23-7-20172.4$1.67
    Geelong 85 P Adelaide 38$21.50Team1WinTeam1Win2-6-20172.15$1.64
    St Kilda 103 West Coast 95$20.30Team1WinTeam1Win6-8-20172.03$1.39
    Richmond 81 Essendon 66$18.40Team1WinTeam1Win27-5-20171.84$1.40
    West Coast 61 Bulldogs 39$15.60Team1WinTeam1Win12-5-20171.56$1.21
    Richmond 122 St Kilda 81$15.60Team1WinTeam1Win27-8-20171.56$1.49
    Fremantle 116 Essendon 79$15.30Team1WinTeam1Win7-5-20171.53$1.15
    Essendon 132 North Melb 105$15.30Team1WinTeam1Win22-7-20171.53$1.42
    St Kilda 127 North Melb 78$14.00Team1WinTeam1Win20-8-20171.4$1.33
    Essendon 84 Carlton 76$13.50Team1WinTeam1Win5-8-20171.35$1.31
    Giants 81 West Coast 60$13.40Team1WinTeam1Win19-8-20171.34$1.12
    Essendon 107 Fremantle 92$13.20Team1WinTeam1Win27-8-20171.32$1.11
    Hawthorn 95 North Melb 76$12.80Team1WinTeam1Win13-8-20171.28$1.13
    Giants 65 Essendon 49$12.60Team1WinTeam1Win3-6-20171.26$1.19
    North Melb 78 Sydney 120$0.00Team1WinTeam2Win14-5-20171.86$1.45
    North Melb 66 Richmond 101$0.00Team1WinTeam2Win3-6-20172.25$1.61
    Fremantle 66 Collingwood 80$0.00Team1WinTeam2Win4-6-20171.83$1.42
    Hawthorn 79 Gold Coast 95$0.00Team1WinTeam2Win10-6-20171.8$1.20
    Richmond 71 Sydney 80$0.00Team1WinTeam2Win17-6-20172.16$1.49
    Hawthorn 97 Giants 97$0.00Team1WinDraw8-7-20173.18$2.33
    West Coast 88 P Adelaide 120$0.00Team1WinTeam2Win9-7-20171.76$1.32
    St Kilda 57 Essendon 118$0.00Team1WinTeam2Win14-7-20171.92$1.56

Report Details

  • Stats created assuming $10 bet placed on every tip
  • The first figure on each line is the average winnings for all bets on the team

Different Dates For Different Leagues in 2017

  • AFL includes games played after Wednesday, March 1, 2017 and before Saturday, September 30, 2017