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a beautiful photo of the home of AFL the MCG

Starting BalanceSum of BetsSum of WinningsCash on HandNet ProfitNet Return
$10.00$70.00$102.80$42.80$32.80328.00 %
Starting Balance: $10.00Sum of Bets: $70.00Sum of Winnings: $102.80Cash on Hand: $42.80Net Profit: $32.80Net Return: 328.00 %

 Richmond 122 v St Kilda 8127-8-2017Stake: $10Winnings: $15.60Profit: $5.60Running Balance: $42.80
 Richmond 122 v St Kilda 81$42.80$10$15.60$5.6027-8-2017
 Essendon 107 v Fremantle 9227-8-2017Stake: $10Winnings: $13.20Profit: $3.20Running Balance: $37.20
 Essendon 107 v Fremantle 92$37.20$10$13.20$3.2027-8-2017
 St Kilda 127 v North Melb 7820-8-2017Stake: $10Winnings: $14.00Profit: $4.00Running Balance: $34.00
 St Kilda 127 v North Melb 78$34.00$10$14.00$4.0020-8-2017
 Giants 81 v West Coast 6019-8-2017Stake: $10Winnings: $13.40Profit: $3.40Running Balance: $30.00
 Giants 81 v West Coast 60$30.00$10$13.40$3.4019-8-2017
 Hawthorn 95 v North Melb 7613-8-2017Stake: $10Winnings: $12.80Profit: $2.80Running Balance: $26.60
 Hawthorn 95 v North Melb 76$26.60$10$12.80$2.8013-8-2017
 St Kilda 103 v West Coast 956-8-2017Stake: $10Winnings: $20.30Profit: $10.30Running Balance: $23.80
 St Kilda 103 v West Coast 95$23.80$10$20.30$10.306-8-2017
 Essendon 84 v Carlton 765-8-2017Stake: $10Winnings: $13.50Profit: $3.50Running Balance: $13.50
 Essendon 84 v Carlton 76$13.50$10$13.50$3.505-8-2017
Starting Balance$10.00$0$0.00$0.005-8-2017