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Tips Ladder - 2nd $30.40 from $10.00

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A breakdown of S Lotte's recent games both home and away

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Football in Cider's Betting Results On S Lotte Games In The German Bundesliga 3

FiC's Betting Performance On S Lotte Games

Here we list all the predictions we have made for S Lotte games and report how much money we would have made, or lossed, if we placed a tenna on each one. Note that these are bets for games involving S Lotte and may be for them to win, lose or draw.

2nd: S Lotte's 2 Top Tip Bets ever made a profit of $40.80

3rd: S Lotte's 19 Standard Bets ever made a profit of $5.30

How Much Money Have S Lotte Fan's Won?

Have you ever wondered how rich you'd be if, as a S Lotte fan, you always stuck ten bucks on them to win? Well here's the answer. We list each game for S Lotte and total up all the winnings if they won the game.

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