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Cologne's Betting Profile - 11th $6.50

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Cologne's Fixtures

2019-02-03Erzgebirge v CologneErzgebirge v Cologne2 BundesligaCologne @ 1.8Analysis
2019-03-17Duisburg v CologneDuisburg v Cologne2 BundesligaCologne @ 1.53Analysis
2019-04-07Heidenheim v CologneHeidenheim v Cologne2 BundesligaCologne @ 1.91Analysis
2019-04-10Duisburg v CologneDuisburg v Cologne2 BundesligaCologne @ 1.62Analysis
2019-04-15Cologne v Hamburger Cologne v Hamburger 2 BundesligaCologne @ 1.73Analysis
2019-04-21Dresden v CologneDresden v Cologne2 BundesligaCologne @ 1.62Analysis
2019-04-26Cologne v Darmstadt Cologne v Darmstadt 2 BundesligaCologne @ 1.33Analysis
2019-05-06Furth v CologneFurth v Cologne2 BundesligaWaitingAnalysis
2019-05-12Cologne v RegensburgCologne v Regensburg2 BundesligaWaitingAnalysis
2019-05-19Magdeburg v CologneMagdeburg v Cologne2 BundesligaWaitingAnalysis

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FiC's Betting Performance On Cologne Games

3rd: Cologne's 1 Top Tips Bets In The Last 6 Months Returned $13.00 ($3.00 Profit)

11th: Cologne's 2 Top Tips Bets Ever Returned $13.00 (-$7.00 Profit)

Unranked: Cologne's 0 Standard Bets In The Last 6 Months Returned $0.00 ($0.00 Profit)

15th: Cologne's 22 Standard Bets Ever Returned $125.50 (-$94.50 Profit)

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